Simple yet Sustainable

- Solar Up Mantra

Who We Are

Solar Up is a concept initiative by Nucleus Energy Private Ltd. (NEPL) to provide renewal and unlimited source of energy directly to consumers. Solar Up provides solutions all sectors with feasible open space to capture Solar energy, may it be Open Land, Industrial, Commercial or Residential. Solar Up is in action since 2011, cultivating sales and distribution network in a few top solar states provisioning them to reach any regional customers.

Solar Up is continuously working to expand to other states in order to meet and support the demands of customers all over India.Solar Up follows principle of Innovation, global operation, customer orientation, and quality to get a competitive edge in the dynamic business environment.

About Team

Planning and Development
Procurement and Construction
Operations and Management

Solar Up has the most self-sufficient team with rich experience in technology and know-how of the concept. The team manages the three core functionalities Planning and Development, Procurement and Construction, Operations and Management.

Team is dedicated towards project execution with highest level of quality and care, thoroughly analysing the technical challenges of the projects and getting financial assistance; setting an example by successfully implementing project size as big as 20Mega Watts.

Head Office

Head office located in Mumbai and having branches all over the country, Solar Up has a vision to gain momentum in times to help numerous households and corporates across India to benefits from the power of most reliable and sustainable and clean source of energy.

– the SUN