What are my advantages/ Partner with us?

Solar energy utilization has been in practice since many years, but very few benefits of implementing or switching it is known to all, Solar Up explains few of the facts as to why install a solar panel?

Very simple and straight – it is environmental friendly no harmful gases are emitted

Build a brighter future with healthier, cleaner standard of living for the next generation

Renewable, permanent and clean power that is available every day of the year even on cloudy days. Never runout of energy unlike fossil fuels; generate energy as long as sun is available

Social benefit is that it creates jobs for solar panel manufacturers, installers, etc. which indirectly leads to economy rise

Support the environment by choosing Clean and environment-friendly energy sources with the pioneers in Rooftop Solar implementation

Commercial Benefits

Take benefits of tax savings and accelerated depreciation on deploying in a commercial and/or industrial setup.

Make your rooftop, your savings account, by saving up to 50% on your electricity bills. Returns on investments unlike paying for utility bills

Virtually it carries no maintenance as solar panels last over 32 years

Power generated provides enough for the home / office / building. Excess power generated can be further sold to grid or other consumers directly

Solar panels can be installed virtually anywhere: open land, commercial buildings or residential rooftops

Solar can be used to heat water, power homes and or building, even power cars

Solar energy is much safer than traditional electric current

Continuous improvements have better efficiency i.e. the same size solar panel will be generating higher output over the period of time

Secondary investment option even if you don’t own or have a space of your own